Video Editing

Our digital marketing agency offers video editing, colour correction, and colour grading services for any video productions: corporate videos, film, TV, social media, and events.

Video editing and colour processing are important of the post-processing phase for creating visually appealing videos. Video editing involves cutting and rearranging footage to create a cohesive story, while colour processing involves adjusting the colours in a video.

The terms “colour correction” and “colour grading” are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different processes in the world of video production.

Colour correction is the process of adjusting the colours in a video to make them more accurate and consistent. This might involve removing colour casts, balancing the exposure, or fixing other colour-related issues. The goal of colour correction is to make the footage look natural and realistic, without introducing any artificial-looking colours.

On the other hand, colour grading is the process of adjusting the colours in a video to create a specific aesthetic or mood. This is a more creative process than colour correction, and it involves manipulating the colours to create a desired look or feel. For example, a filmmaker might use colour grading to make a scene look warm and inviting, or give it a cool, moody atmosphere.

To begin editing a video, a film editor will typically import their footage into a video editing software program (such as Adobe Premiere Pro). From there, they can begin cutting and arranging the footage to create a rough cut of the video. This process often involves trimming unnecessary footage, adding transitions between shots, and arranging the footage in a logical sequence.

After the editing process is complete, the filmmaker can move on to colour grading. We normally perform this step in a dedicated application called BlackMagic Davinci Resolve Studio, which is the film industry standard for colour correction and colour grading. The software allows for fine adjusting parameters such hue, saturation, and luminance of the footage, both locally and globally. This can be a delicate process, as it requires a keen eye for colour and an understanding of how different colours interact with each other.

Once the colour processing is complete, we export the edited and graded footage back to Adobe Premiere Pro, where we proceed with audio editing and music scoring. Optionally we can include motion graphics and 3D animations.

Our team of experienced editors, sound engineers, and colourists can take your existing footage and turn it into valuable video for your organization. In addition to providing video editing services, we’re also a full-service video production company. Our team can shoot, direct, animate, and produce every type of video your company needs.

We have high-end editing suites with the latest systems, monitors, hardware and software and a team of industry-leading professionals with the skills to take on any project.