Studio Recording

Premium Audio/Video Recording Studio in North Cambridge

Nestled in the heart of North Cambridge, our multifunctional recording studio offers more than just a space—it’s an audiovisual haven. Catered to diverse needs, from dual-camera interviews and virtual events to two-person podcasting and instrument recordings, our facility ensures your creative pursuits receive the treatment they deserve.

Key Features & Benefits:

  1. Swift Recording & Immediate Delivery: Your time’s valuable. Arrive, record, and leave with your files—no waiting around.
  2. Price Promise: Not only do we provide unmatched quality, but we’re also the most affordable AV studio in the UK. Found a better quote? We’ll match it.
  3. Acoustic Excellence: Unlike generic rooms or office spaces, our purpose-built sound-treated area guarantees unparalleled audio clarity.

To better understand our setup, explore our extensive audio/video gear list. For a tangible taste of our studio’s capabilities, the videos on this page are direct products of our workspace.

Decoding Sound Treatment:

What sets our studio apart is its meticulously crafted sound-treated environment. But why is this crucial?

  • Enhanced Audio Control: By mitigating external disturbances and internal sound reverberations, such spaces present a pristine environment. This is especially crucial for dialogues or any audio demanding crystalline clarity.

  • Elite Equipment: Our studio brims with industry-leading recording gear, enabling us to craft audio pieces of the highest calibre.

  • Reverb Reduction: Reverb, an echo effect caused when sound waves clash with various surfaces, can muddy your recordings. Our treatments ensure such distortions are a thing of the past.

When we initiated our studio’s sound treatment, an extensive acoustic assessment paved the way—evaluating room dimensions, furniture placements, and using specialised software to guide our acoustic panel placements.

Treatment Techniques:

  • Acoustic Panels: A primary tool in our acoustic arsenal. These panels, adept at absorbing sound, drastically cut down on echoes. They adorn our walls, ceiling and even serve as standalone partitions for optimal sound control.

  • Additional Measures: Bass traps, diffusers, and unique materials further address intricate acoustic challenges, enhancing the studio’s sonic balance.

  • Our Unique Touch: Spanning 2.5 x 3m, our studio boasts sound clouds across the ceiling and select walls. These clouds, handmade using robust rockwool panels, were our studio’s special touch. Additionally, thermal curtains wrap around the space, adding another layer of sound insulation.

In conclusion, for any serious audio recording, the environment is paramount. Our studio’s sound treatments elevate audio capture quality, eliminating any unwanted noises and echoes, ensuring only pure, clear sound remains.