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For more information check our website: Scientific Video Protocols.

Scientific Video Protocols is the first full-open access peer-reviewed video platform publishing in 4k cinematic quality. We publish scientifically sound research from all areas of natural science and technology from established research groups with outstanding track record.

The core of each protocol is represented by a high quality video shot and edited by professional cinematographers. The open availability of the video protocol on Youtube facilitates the dissemination of experimental details among the scientific community and the public at large, while promoting authors’ research activities and easing reproducibility of results.

The Youtube video protocol is produced from a manuscript that has passed the quality check and the peer review process. The accepted manuscript is published in our platform ( along with the video protocol.

The submission process is significantly simplified, when compared to standard journal platforms. You will not fill a single form.


Scientific Video Protocols is entirely open access and we do not charge any subscription fees. We believe authors should only be charged for the actual service provided by the publisher. The service we provide is peer-reviewed video articles. Open Access Article Processing Charges (APCs) depend on the complexity of the script agreed with the authors.

Aims and Scope

Scientific Video Protocols publishes research in all areas of the natural sciences (mainly physical science) and technology. We aim to publish:

  • Video protocols for devices fabrication, experiments, and techniques
  • Video reviews shot as interviews from leading experts in their fields. The protocols shown in our publications must have been proven to work and/or have been used in primary research papers published in top journals. Both protocols and reviews are peer-reviewed by leading experts. We take care of the entire video production. Each protocol includes a full list of materials and equipment, detailed instructions, timing information, troubleshooting, data analysis and interpretation.

We do not accept any manuscripts nor produce any videos detailing experiments carried out on: animals and humans; samples from animals and humans; and samples that represent a bio-hazard (such as bacteria, viruses).


Each submitted manuscript is assigned to an editor from our Editorial Board Member, who is an expert in the field. In case the topic is outside our areas of expertise we will assign the manuscript to a Guest Editor. The assigned Editor manages the peer-review process and makes a final decision on the acceptance, revision, or rejection of the manuscript.

During the peer-review process at least two reviewers will be assigned a Dropbox folder called reviewer1 and reviewer2, respectively. Reviewers can communicate with the editorial office via a Dropbox paper called review. Reviewers should establish whether a paper is scientifically sound and provide constructive criticism. Negative criticism based on conflicts of interest (i.e. competition in the same field) will not be accepted.

Once the reviews are submitted, the editor makes a final decision, which is communicated to the author.


The video protocol is uploaded on Youtube, which has about 1.5 billion active users each month. The Youtube video will be also shared across a variety of social media platforms.


Scientific Video Protocols is currently indexed by Google Scholar. We plan to index our platform with other services in the near future (e.g. ISI Web of Science and Scopus).


Scientific Video Protocols is published by BULLAKI ltd

Open Access

The published video and the published article are freely available to the public from our platform (

The published article is licensed by the authors under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY-4.0). We retain full copyright of the published video.

With this license you are free to share (copy, and redistribute the material in any medium or format) and adapt (remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially) as long as you give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

All published content in Scientific Video Protocols is available in full text without embargo.

For more information check our website: Scientific Video Protocols.