Video Productions

Our film makers and scientists will convert your vision into an engaging video, from development and pre-production to post-production and viral distribution.

Equipment Rental

Hire professional cinema cameras, camera sliders, jibs, lenses, microphones, sound recorders, lights, accessories, and more for your video production.

Studio Recording

Chepest sound treated audio/video recording studio in the UK, including 2-3 camera setup, professional audio recording, lighing, and immediate file delivery.


We understands how science operates and can navigate complex information to deliver factual documentaries that respect the scientists and the science.


We produce and film first-class events with high-end equipment and top AV technicians, who will be able to set up your venue for the best possible result.

Video Editing

Our post-processing services include video editing, colour correction, colour grading, audio processing, scoring, and animations for any video productions.

Video Podcasts

A video podcast is an excellent way to share your work with the world and we can support you in all the steps involved in setting up your own show.


We provide distribution services when you work with us on a video production to maximise the visibility of the production to any targeted audience.

3D Animations

3D animations are powerful tools for communicating scientific concepts and ideas in a dynamic, visually appealing, and easy-to-understand way.

Educational Videos

Educational and training videos in industry and academia provides a convenient and effective way to deliver information and instructions to a wide audience.

Drone Videography

Drone videography allows for unique aerial perspectives, cost-effective access to hard-to-reach locations, and flexibility in capturing dynamic footage.


B-roll is supplementary footage used in filmmaking to enhance or support the main narrative of a scene or story. Check out our free stuff here!

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is graphics in motion, and is about adding the elements of time and space to static illustration, creating movement.


Scientific illustrations by our team of scientists/artists who will translate your concepts into artwork for your publications, presentations, events, web, and more.


High-quality bespoke professional photoshoots and editing for your products, laboratories, and team. Low quality images enhancement and restoration.

Data Visualisation

We will help you synthetise and present large amounts of information in new creative ways both on proprietary platforms and on the web.

Video Articles

Scientific Video Protocols is the first full-open access peer-reviewed cinematic video platform publishing in all areas of natural science and technology.

Film Crew Hire

We provide business to business film crew hire services including sourcing local professionals from the film industry and equipment for film and video production.

Web Development

We design, create, and maintain websites for businesses. We also provide custom web software, content creation, SEO services.

App Development

We design, create, and maintaining software applications for a variety of applications including big data and audio/video/image processing.


Our A/V and scientific consulting services include research, analysis, and strategic planning in a variety of creative and scientific areas.