Studio 2 Cam Setup

by Samuele Lilliu | 24 February 2022

Cambridge Studio 2 Canon C200 setup

This is an example of our previous studio in Northstowe, Cambridge. This is a standard configuration involving an A camera (Canon C200 mounted on a tripod) and a B camera (Canon C200 mounted on an Edelkrone slider). Audio is captured by a MKH-416 connected to a MixPre-3 and on camera via an AVX ME wireless lapel. The microphone can also be mounted overhead so that is not visible.

The setup was used for a remote interview with a Brazilian TV. The interviewer (not shown) was asking question via a Zoom call, while a film crew was filming him at the studios in Brazil. The guest hears the interviewer with a earpiece. The producers from the Brazilian TV were able to take a look at all camera angles thanks to our Atem Mini switch.

There are several advantages to filming in a video recording studio rather than on location:

  • Controlled environment: A video recording studio provides a controlled environment where you can set up the lighting, sound, and other technical aspects of the shoot to your liking. This can be especially helpful if you need to achieve a specific look or mood for the video.
  • Flexibility: A studio allows for more flexibility when it comes to setting up and rearranging sets, as well as the ability to easily make changes or adjustments to the lighting and sound.
  • Time and cost efficiency: Filming in a studio can save time and money by eliminating the need to travel to and set up at a location. It can also reduce the cost of renting equipment, as many studios have a range of lighting, sound, and other production equipment available onsite.
  • Privacy: A studio provides a private space where you can focus on the shoot without distractions or interruptions. This can be especially important if you’re working with sensitive or confidential material.
  • Safety: Filming in a studio can be safer than on location, as you have more control over the environment and can take measures to ensure the safety of the cast and crew.

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