Exotheology, Bullaki Science Podcast With Andrew Davison

by Samuele Lilliu | 3 April 2022

In this Bullaki Science Podcast, Andrew Davison explores the intersections between astrobiology and theology (exotheology).

Revd Dr Andrew Davison is the Starbridge Associate Professor in Theology and Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and Dean of Chapel at Corpus Christi College. His work spans Christian doctrine, biology and philosophy. His research interests include biological mutualism, life in the universe, evolutionary synthesis, and artificial intelligence approaches using suggestions from the medieval “thinking by analogy”.

Andrew was among a group of 23 theologians in a NASA-sponsored program at the Center for Theological Inquiry in Princeton (New Jersey) from 2016 to 2017, which investigated how humans may react to the discovery of life outside Earth.

In this Bullaki Science Podcast, Andrew explores the intersections between astrobiology and theology (exotheology), key points from his new book “Astrobiology and Christian Doctrine” (including mentions of alien life in ancient texts, reactions of the faithful to the discovery of alien life, interactions between science and religion, interactions between humans and intelligent aliens), and theological implications of the Simulation Hypothesis (“Are we living in a simulation?”).

Story telling is a key aspect in the production of a podcast episode. You can’t just sit with a guest and ask him/her a set of questions prepared by someone else. You need to understand on a deeper level the work that your guest has produced otherwise the interviewer is just a puppet. For this interview with Andrew I’ve read some of his most important works, including Participation in God: A Study in Christian Doctrine and Metaphysics. A truly fascinating journey.

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