Back Contact Perovskite Solar Cells with Prof Sir Richard Friend (University of Cambridge)

by Samuele Lilliu | 12 March 2019

A discussion on the opto-electrical properties of perovskite materials and a detailed fabrication protocol for IBC perovskite solar cells.


Interdigitated back-contact (IBC) architectures are the best performing technology in crystalline Si (c-Si) photovoltaics (PV). Although single junction perovskite solar cells have now surpassed 23% efficiency, most of the research has mainly focussed on planar and mesostructured architectures. The number of studies involving IBC devices is still limited and the proposed architectures are unfeasible for large scale manufacturing. Here we discuss the importance of IBC solar cells as a powerful tool for investigating the fundamental working mechanisms of perovskite materials. We show a detailed fabrication protocol for IBC perovskite devices that does not involve photolithography and metal evaporation.


This video production was commissioned by the Cavendish Laboratory and was published in our Scientific Video Protocols peer-reviewed video journal (see links above).

After completing the peer-review process we helped the client developing a script for the video production. I sourced a team of London-based freelancers including a second camera operator, a gaffer, and a sound recordist.

Setup for the interviews at one of the offices at the Maxwell Centre took about 3 hours. Immediately after completing the interviews, we took a break of about one hour and got ready for the b-rolls in one of the labs in the basement.

We shot everything in one day.