Structural Evolution of Perovskite Solar Cells

In-situ Simultaneous Photovoltaic and Structural Evolution of Perovskite Solar Cells

Tonor Q9 Review Usb Microphone Test & Review

The Tonor Q9 is one of the cheapest plug and play USB microphones available on the market. This is a short tutorial on how to use the Tonor Q9 with Audacity.

Two Cam Interview Studio Teleprompter

Two Cam Interview Studio Teleprompter

Mixed Frame Rate workflow for Canon C200 Raw Light

Mixed Frame Rate workflow for Canon C200 Raw Light

Remote Podcast Guide

Remote podcast guide for our guests

Moon Exploration, Bullaki Science Podcast, P. Christopher

Dr Peter J Christopher talks about the future of moon exploration by new mini rovers that could be deployed as a swarm and holographic 3D printing.

DigitalFoto Thanos Pro 2 Steadicam with DJI RS2 and BMPCC4K

First impression of DigitalFoto Thanos Pro 2 with BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (+ raven eye and lidar module).

Origins of Life

Origins of Life (Documentary Sizzle Reel).

Sascha Quanz, Launch of the LCLU

Sascha Quanz, Launch of the Leverhulme Centre for Life in the Universe

Exotheology, Bullaki Science Podcast With Andrew Davison

In this Bullaki Science Podcast, Andrew Davison explores the intersections between astrobiology and theology (exotheology).

Exozoology, Bullaki Science Podcast With Arik Kershenbaum

In this Bullaki Science Podcast, Dr Arik Kershenbaum talks about animal intelligence and communication, and potential xenolanguages (alien languages).

Earth's Earliest Animals, Bullaki Science Podcast With Emily Mitchell

In this Bullaki Science Podcast, Emily Mitchell gives an overview of the first animal communities dating back to the Ediacaran period.

The 4th Wave of Electronic Dev with Mark Rosker DARPA

Dr Mark Rosker discusses innovation strategies led by the DARPA’s MTO office, including the Electronic Resurgence Initiative.

Studio 2 Cam Setup

Cambridge Studio 2 Canon C200 setup

Mars Perseverance, Bullaki Science Podcast with N. Tosca

Prof. Nicholas Tosca talks about the PIXL instrument on the Perseverance Rover and origin of life on Earth and elsewhere.

DJI RS2 Pro Combo and BMPCC4K Setup Review Test Footage

How to set up a DJI RS 2 Pro Combo with a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

Bullaki Science Podcast With Sabine Hossenfelder

Sabine Hossenfelder, author of ‘Lost in Math How Beauty Leads Physics Astray’, explores the concept of elegance in fundamental physics and cosmology.

Didier Queloz Introduces Life in the Universe Project

Nobel Laureate Didier Queloz Introduces the Cambridge Initiative for Planetary Science and Life in the Universe.

Launch of the Cambridge Initiative for Planetary Science and Life in the Universe

Launch of the Cambridge Initiative for Planetary Science and Life in the Universe, a panel discussion with Origin of Life researchers.

On the Future, Bullaki Science Podcast With Martin Rees

Professor Lord Martin Rees talks about his latest book “On the Future”, covering topics related to a variety of existential risks.

Raytheon Technologies, High-Payoff/High-Risk R&D

Bradford Tousley, VP of Raytheon ACT talks about the history of Raytheon and some of the new military tech developed for the USA DoD.

Easyrig and Flowcine Serene arm, DJI Ronin and Canon C200

Updated review of a Canon C200 mounted on a DJI Ronin-m gimbal mounted on an EASYRIG vest with a Flowcine Serene arm.

DJI RS2 Pro Combo (and BMPCC4k) reducing vibrations

Reducing vibrations wiht a DJI RS2 Pro Combo and BMPCC4k

Mosaic Warfare, Bullaki Science Podcast with Timothy Grayson

Dr Timothy Grayson illustrates DARPA’s concept of Mosaic Warfare, in which individual warfighting platforms are placed together to make a larger picture.

Budget Video Podcast Setup with a GoPro Hero kit

How to get better video and audio quality from your guests when recording a remote podcast by using a budget Video Podcast Setup with GoPro Hero 9.

Future Warfare and Swarm Drones, Bullaki Science Podcast With David Hambling

David Hambling taks about the state of the art of military drones, distributed approaches in warfare, and future warfare.

Nonscience, Bullaki Science Podcast with Brian J. Ford

In this Bullaki Science Podcast Dr Samuele Lilliu interviews author and entertainer Brian Ford on his new version of the 1971 book Nonscience.

Life on Venus? Bullaki Science Podcast with Paul Rimmer

Paul Rimmer discusses the details of their publication ‘Phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus’.

Tips For Matching Shots in DaVinci Resolve

How to color match videos shot with different lenses and cameras with  Davinci Resolve and the ACES color space.

Bullaki Science Podcast With Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer discusses the Pentagon UFO videos, ancient civilizations, water memory, homeopathy, quantum quackery and mysticism.

How to Improve your Podcast, Bullaki Science Podcast with Curtis Judd

Audio expert Curtis Judd and Dr Samuele Lilliu talk about solutions for improving audio and video quality of your guest in a remote video podcast.

Mind–Matter, Bullaki Science Podcast with Brian Josephson

Nobel Laureate Prof. Brian Josephson talks about the Josephson Effect, transcendental meditation, the Mind–Matter Unification Project and unorthodox research.

"A Book Too Risky to Publish", Bullaki Science Podcast with James Flynn

Notable intelligence researcher Prof. James Flynn talks about “cancel culture” in academia and his lastest book “A Book Too Risky To Publish”.

Interview Series with Nobel Laureate Richard Henderson

Richard Henderson introduces structural biology and electron cryo-microscopy, and talks about the successful journey of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Quantum Biology, with Jim Al-Khalili

Prof. Jim-Al-Khalili the history of quantum biology and discusses quantum effects in magnetoreception, olfaction, enzyme catalysis, and photosynthesis.

CFast card alternatives, SolidPod Slim vs CCTECH

A comparison between the NKI SolidPod Slim with 2TB SDD with the CCTECH Cfast card adapter.

Why Spacex Starlink Is Bad for Astronomy

2019 Physics Nobel laureate Prof. Didier Queloz talks about how astronomy is being affected and will be affected by the satellite business.

Discovery of First Exoplanet Orbiting a Solar-Type Star

Nobel Prize Laureate Didier Queloz talks about the impact of his 1995 discovery on the theory of planetary systems formation.

Pre Oil Society and Economy of the UAE with Prof Al Naboodah

A talk by Prof. Hassan al-Naboodah at the launch event of the Cambridge University Emirati Society, on pre-oil society in the UAE.

Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy

In this work we illustate principles and technical aspects of a typical THz TDS setup, including the demonstration of a Co/Pt thin film calibrant measurements.

Who are the Emiratis? by Dr Timothy Power

A talk by Dr Timothy Power at the launch event of the Cambridge University Emirati Society on the 28th of November 2019.

History of the UAE

A talk by Peter Hellyer on the History of the UAE, launch event of the Cambridge University Emirati Society, 28th of November 2019.

The Ribosome Structure, Nobel Laureate Venki Ramakrishnan

Nobel Laureate Venki Ramakrishnan reviews part of his work on the structural resolution of the ribosome.

From Adobe Illustrator to After Effects in 60 seconds

With this workflow you can animate any image (even if it is not in vector format) in Adobe After Effects.

Back Contact Perovskite Solar Cells with Prof Sir Richard Friend (University of Cambridge)

A discussion on the opto-electrical properties of perovskite materials and a detailed fabrication protocol for IBC perovskite solar cells.

Perovskite LEDs, with Prof. Richard Friend

In the 1990s Prof. Richard Friend pioneered polymer-based FET and LED R&D, which contributed to the commercialisation of OLED displays.

London Landmarks (Free Stock Videos 4K)

London Landmarks (Free Stock Videos 4K)

From Barumini to the Giara plateau (Sardinia)

From Barumini to the Giara plateau, a travel vlog following the hidden paths leading to the Giara plateau.

Custom Ducati Multistrada 620 Dark, Giara (Sardinia)

Customising and riding a Ducati Multistrada 620 dark in the rugged terrain of the Giara platau (Sardinia)

Nuragic Bikers Tour Barumini

A promotional video featuring the Nuragic Bikers, a motorbike riders association, touring in Barumini (Sardinia).

Perovskite on Silicon, with Henry Snaith (2018)

In this 2018 interview, Prof. Henry Snaith, co-founder of Oxford PV, discusses the present status and future prospects of perovskite PV.

Motorcycle Rally Barumini 2018

Motorcycle Rally Barumini 2018 Promo

3D Drone Mapping of a Nuragic Archaeological Site in Sardinia

Overview and tutorial of 3D done mapping techniques for archaeological surveys including a short documentary on the Nuraghe s’Uraxi (Lasplassas, Sardinia).

How to Remove Fringing from Videos

Two workflows in Davinci Resolve and Lightroom for removing chromatic aberration or fringing from your videos.

Las Plassas (Sardinia) B Rolls

B-rolls shots in the countryside of Las Plassas (Sardinia)

Supermoon January 2018 Free Stock

Supermoon January 2018 Free Stock

Fireplace With Crackling Fire Sounds

Fireplace With Crackling Fire Sounds

Starry Night Time Lapse Free Stock Video

Starry Night Time Lapse Free Stock Video

Annual Exhibition at Accademia d'Arte Santa Caterina (Cagliari)

The Annual Exhibition of Accademia d’Arte Santa Caterina (Cagliari) brings together some of the most talented and innovative artists from the region.

Club 27 (Barumini)

Club 27 is Barumini’s premiere pub located in the heart of the town; a one-of-a-kind experience blending art, music, and cocktails.

Harvesting Olives, Gergei (Sardinia)

B-rolls shot on a Canon C200 during the olive harvesting season in Gergei (Sardinia).

Premiere Pro to Davinci Resolve roundtrip for Canon C200

Color correction and colour grading roundtrip workflow with Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve for Canon C200 Raw CinemaLight.

Xmas Beamline 20th anniversary, ESRF Synchrotron

In September 2017 some 60 participants gathered together at the the European Synchrotron to celebrate 20 years of operation of the XMaS beamline.

DJ FJK Live DJ Set Boiler Room Cala Coticcio Beach (Sardinia)

A DJ set by FJK at the beautiful Cala Coticcio beach in Sardinia, filmed using a stationary Canon 6D and Canon 80D mounted on a DJI gimbal.

The Nuraghi of Barumini

Nuraghi are ancient stone structures built during the Bronze age by the Nuragic civilization and are widely scattered throughout Sardinia.