How much does a video production cost?

We offer free video shooting trials for new business partners including a 3 minutes complimentary video at our video podcast recording studio in Cambridge (UK). Prices for professional filming start from £299 + VAT depending on complexity, number of cameras, location, number of production team. Please get in touch with a description of your project and we will provide you with an estimate.

Do you charge for preproduction?

Yes. We do charge for preproduction, research, drafting, scripting, planning, and scouting.

Is your studio sound treated?

Yes, just like a radio booth. Our studio is treated with thick sound panels and sound clouds.

What’s the fastest video production you can do for us and how much does it cost?

You can come over to our studio in Cambridge in the morning, we will record your video with 3 different angles (3 cameras) in our podcast recording studio. Maximum three takes of 20 minutes. You’ll get your final video at the end of the day for £499 + VAT.

How much do you charge for video and sound editing?

Typical rates range from £45 to £175 per hour depending on the complexity of the job. Do you just need simple edits, or maybe noise removal from your video, or maybe colour correction and colour grading? Do you need surgical sound processing? All these factors affect editing time. Roughly speaking a first rough round of edits for a multi camera 1 hour video will take roughly 4 hours.

When shall I pay for the service?

That depends. With large corporate clients and academia based in the UK we might accept payments with 30 days from the delivery of the final video.

Can I attend an edit?

You are welcome to attend an edit remotely via a Zoom link from anywhere or at our studio depending on availability. We can edit your film from anywhere as we work with proxies. If you are on a limited budget and you would like to speed up the process we recommend you attend the edits as this will simplify the back and forth process. For long recordings we provide text file transcripts. You can indicate your edits in a Word document.

Do you provide 2D and 3D animations?

Yes. We provide 2D motion graphics and 3D animations.

Do you only work in the UK?

No. We cover the globe. We have done productions in Europe, in the Middle East, and in the USA.

We want to use clips from other companies or stock videos in our film, can you integrate them in this production?

Yes. We can match your stock videos so that they match the colour grade we chose for your current production and the final video looks consistent. Note that for highly compressed videos this might be problematic and time consuming, but it can be done.

We own the copyright as per the law in the UK. However, we are happy to provide you with a copyright transfer.

Can you add subtitles?

Yes, we provide a transcript for each recording. We can provide you with the appropriate subtitles files (e.g. SRT) compatible with your specifications.

Will I need different formats of my video for social media?

Yes. We normally export all videos in 4K, which is the native widescreen format we record. This is appropriate for Vimeo, YouTube, and similar platforms. For Facebook we can provide 1080p video clips and for Facebook Stories the 9:16 format is more suitable. Instagram allows widescreen as well, but we can crop to 1:1. Twitter likes short videos (below 2 minutes) again in widescreen or cropped. Just let us know where you plan to post your video and your clips and we will export the right files for you.

Do you keep all of the raw media?

We tend to film in uncompressed raw files (12 bit), which is something most camera operators won’t offer, and this generates high quality large files. These files are stored in our dedicated hard drives (Network Attached Storage devices). To get a rough idea, a 2 hour footage will take about 1 TB of drive space. If you need the raw files and we have agreed on a copyright transfer, we will provide you them in a portable hard drive. Note that due to the massive size we can only share proxy files via Dropbox. Once the project is completed and you are happy with the results, we usually delete the raw files.

Can you provide music?

We have access to a large database of high quality sound tracks. No, we won’t use lame corporate soundtracks with whistles and ukulele. We can also upgrade licences for broadcast use.

How do I download videos?

We usually deliver our videos via Vimeo. We also offer large data remote transfer (up to 10TB) through our servers or through portable drives. Previews will also be uploaded on Vimeo and YouTube as private files.

How do I hire filming gear from you?

We have different routes. The fastest way is that you check out our equipment here and contact us with a list of the gear you need.